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Secret Parts Whitening Cream in Pakistan | Aichun Beauty

  Secret Parts Whitening Cream in Pakistan, Lightening Bleaching Cream For Underarm Dark Skin Whitening Intimate Body Lotion, Dr Rashel Black Whitening Cream for Body & Private Parts, Dark Spot Corrector Cream with Collagen, Dr. Rashel Black Whitening Cream Whitening Complex Concealer and Solid Light.
Armpit Whitener For Dark Skin  Item specifics:
Brand: Aichun Beauty
Type: Armpit Whitening Cream
NET WT: 50g
Feature: Whitening

Feature Secret Parts Whitening Cream:

        Secret Parts Whitening Cream in Pakistan Contains A Variety Of Extraction Essence Help To Dilute The Axillary Dull, Repair Thick Pores. So That The Skin Whitening Smooth, Remove The Smell.
This product has really proven to be miraculous if used regularly for long. It not only lightens your under arms but also help u save your self from embarrassment of body odor. 5.0 out of 5 stars Regular use results in miracles. The problem of dark underarms becomes a big cause of consciousness in festive season.

Usage Secret Parts Whitening Cream:

  1. After Cleaning The Skin, take Appropriate Amount Of Products
  2. Evenly Applied To The Skin
  3. Gently Massage To Absorb

Note Secret Parts Whitening Cream:

  1. please Put The Product Out Of The Children\’s Reach
  2. external Use Only, avoid Eyes
  3. top Using If You Feel Any Uncomfortable
  4. please Place In A Cool And Dry Place, Avoid High Temperature Or Sunshine
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Whitening Cream For Sensitive Parts

Whitening Cream for Sensitive Parts is formulated with active Ingredients that are safe and are designed to gradually and gently lighten dark pigmented private areas i.e. underarms, Knees, Elbows, inner thighs, around the corner of the lips etc. by blending them with your natural skin tone to provide you with a fresher look.

Scrub & Lotion is an ultra-powerful kit that is the ultimate solution to your extremely tanned and darker hands & feet. This kit helps to slough off rough & dead skin of your hands & feet & makes them brighter, softer, smoother, & radiant.

Secret Parts Whitening Cream


Aichun Beauty

1 review for Secret Parts Whitening Cream

  1. Abdul Rehman Miraj

    How do I get rid of the black under my armpits?
    When you don’t clean the area well or fail to scrub it every few days it can lead to darkening.
    Tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has proven to be an excellent cure for darkened underarms. …
    Lemon juice. …
    Aloe vera. …
    Apple vinegar cider. …
    Rosewater and baking soda. …
    Turmeric. …
    Potato. …

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