3 Days Slimming Cream

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Aichun Beauty | 3 Days Slimming Cream in Pakistan

3 Days Slimming Cream in Pakistan & Skinny Frame Stunning Machine Have Spent & Have Spent The Brand New Combustion Components of Subcutaneous Fats and Cellulite, Sell Skin the Brand New Supersedes the Antique. Speedy Decomposition of Excess Frame Fat, and Excreted, It Has a Slimming Impact and Skin Care Characteristic Robust and Speedy. Your Skin Moisturizing Components Can Very Well Moisturize, Make Your Abdomen Skin Smoother, Extra Elastic, Especially in the Abdomen and Waist. Hip, Forearm and Leg.
Usage: After Cleansing, Observe Some Flippantly to the Skin, Gently Rub Down for Three-five Mins, Until Absorbed

3 Days Green Tea Cream in Pakistan

  • Great results in short time. It dissolves fat and enhance skin tone quickly and safely.
  • The combination of Green Tea break and dissolve the fat cells in the massaged area and give its skin a smoother , more elastic younger look and feel.
  • For best results use it after a warm bath or just warm rinse twice a day till reaching the desired result. To enhance the effect of this product if applied to the stomach area, wear a slimming belt after applying it.
  • Apply a good amount of the cream to the area that needs to be treated and massage it in a circular movement for 3-5 minutes or till fully absorbed.
  • It can be used by both men and women. For external use only, keep the product in a cool place and away from children.

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3 Days Slimming Cream


Aichun Beauty

1 review for 3 Days Slimming Cream

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    Reduces excess fat in the body. ○ Consists of natural Chilli and green tea extracts which helps you slim down with no side effects.

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